Skip Hire Permits

Putting a skip on the road

You need a Skip Licence to put a Skip on a Public Road. The good news is, we can take care of that! We’ll contact the Council and obtain the necessary permit, plus take care of any warning signs and markings.

Of course there are places on the Public Highway we simply can’t put a Skip. Let us know as much as you can about the road and preferred location of the Skip, so that we can come prepared or advise of a better location.

Current local authority skip permit prices

Leeds City Council: £30.00 – 14 days max

Bradford Metropolitan Council: £30.00 – 14 days max

North Yorkshire Council: £86.50 – 14 days max

As you can see from the above, skip hire permit prices can vary from one local authority to another.

For Bradford & Leeds authorities, to extend past this 14 days you can apply for a new permit but they need to be given 3 days notice and another £30.00 charge is to be paid for another 14 days.

With North Yorkshire Council you can only currently have one skip on the road, whilst the permit is for 14 days maximum – with no leeway what so ever.

Putting a skip on your drive

Putting a Skip on your own property or drive is much easier! You don’t need a permit if you own the land, so all we need to know is where you want it putting and whether we can get the wagon in to make it easy to drop off and pick up.

Let us know as much as you can at the time of booking so we can ensure that the drop-off is easy.